Spectacle frames to suit women of all ages

Finding your frame

We aim to engage with you, find out your story, provide you with options… help you. Call us old fashioned but we want to make you happy. It’s called service.

You have a pair of frames that say a lot about you, as you wear them every day.  Make them the right ones.

We love curating our collection to showcase a range that offers classical style in a modern guise.

Our range covers the following brands Oliver Peoples, Paul Smith, Moscot, Ray Ban, Prada, Martin & Martin, Persol, Karen Walker, Miu Miu, Pro Design and Epos.

Luna Eyewear has been a Prahran stalwart for almost two decades. Over that time Luna has come to understand what exactly it is that is pulsing through the veins of this eclectic town. It takes time to earn your stripes around here.

The fabric of this place is made from the threads of many. Artists, musicians, bohemians and hippies got the wheels turning. We’ve lived through the rockers, the yuppies, the ravers and the hipsters and we’ve embraced them all. Our style is down on the off-beat and we love the understated. A style that carries through the whimsical to make it to the classical. Playful at heart we keep our heart firmly placed on our sleeve.

We are the ever watchful and observant eye that curates a sea of endless colours and shapes to capture the moods and the movements of this town. We take our cues from those eclectic and energetic souls that inhabit our world.

We are the Purveyors of Prahran style.

Luna Eyewear square_framed_glasses_headshot

With a constantly updated range on offer, Luna Eyewear stocks new styles regularly.

Come in for a viewing to find the perfect frame for your face.